Small effort

Acts 21:17 ‘When we arrived in Jerusalem, the brothers received us warmly.’

Upbringing, cultural influences, perceived correctness or perceived differences can often stifle natural warmness between people of faith/no faith/families/church communities. “But he is Catholic….she is a Baptist….I don’t know about Presbyterians though ..but my brother is like this…my mother …Muslims … Hindus.. Tamil.. Buddhists.. Agnostics…?” What and who can unify is you and I, you can label and keep others at a comfortable distance or you can reach out and touch the lives of others. Too much effort? Our LORD has made such an effort for all creation. Unifying all under a banner of love is such a strong starting message. Rather than walling with differences create that door of love. Bless you.

Prayer. Good and great God, may we your children become urgent with your message of love. Please hear the prayers for those in need below.

Please reconcile and restore Lambert and Ida, please help Kevin with business, Joan, Anthony, Daryl, Peter and Imelda with employment and restore and heal Anthea, Eli, Herc, Tony, Zoe, Kaydin, Keane, Kylin, Isaiah, Vernon, Colin Ronnie, Ivan, Robin Naldo, Sylvie, Lynette, Joe, Nick G, Sharon, Ethne, Belinda, Julie, Shumani, Cynthia, Marcus, Gillian, Joan, Nick G, Johan, Ronnie, Natasha, Joshua, Nick, Clive, Angelina, Guida, Fiona, Tanya, Addie, Deborah, Darren, Jacqui, Colleen, Joyce, Berni, Bella, John, Caitlin, Rotraut, baby Mathew, Wally, Jimmy, Ralph, Mark, baby Daniella, Barbara, Vianna, Austen, Keith, Johan, Marius, Rose, Lesley, Jimmy, Joanne, Branda, Roger, Don, Petra, Racheal, Pauline, Billy, Bernadette, Jenny, Sarah, Stacey, Paul, Maria, Teena, Debra, Trish, Michelle, Pedro, Charlotte, Chad, Anton, Mary, Nicky, Lidia, Tony, baby Mia, Kathy, Michael, Brandon, Mark. Amen.

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