More than conquerors

Romans 5:2 ‘Your life must be controlled by love.’

The scientists in the know say that the brain processes millions of thoughts each day. Thoughts that are not put together into rational thinking and distilled by social mores could lead to chaos in someone’s life if all these thoughts are acted upon. What if the question is asked before each action, “Is there love from my heart in this action? Or do I have a long checklist of things I need to get to or achieve first? ……then I will get to you LORD.” Love may be perceived by many as weak, capitulating….not winning. Romans8:37 ‘No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.’ Your thoughts can be influenced substantially, making sense of all your worries/fears/anxieties and hopes comes through absolute trust in God. 1 Corinthians14:33 ‘For God is not a God of disorder..’ Be encouraged 2 Timothy 1:7 ‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.’……………..more than conquerors. Bless you.

Prayer. Holy an gracious God, may your love flow through your children in all-conquering discipleship. Please reconcile and restore Lambert and Ida, please help Kevin with business, Anthony, Daryl, Peter and Imelda with employment and restore and heal Tatam, Nick G, Sharon, Ethne, Belinda, Julie, Shumani, Cynthia, Marcus, Annerees, Gillian, Joan, Nick G, Johan, Ronnie, Natasha, Joshua, Nick, Clive, Angelina, Guida, Fiona, Tanya, Addie, Deborah, Darren, Jacqui, Colleen, Joyce, Berni, Bella, John, Sunay, Caitlin, Rotraut, baby Mathew, Wally, Jimmy, Ralph, Mark, baby Daniella, Barbara, Vianna, Austen, Keith, Johan, Marius, Rose, Lesley, Jimmy, Joanne, Branda, Roger, Don, Petra, Racheal, Pauline, Billy, Bernadette, Jenny, Sarah, Stacey, Paul, Maria, Teena, Debra, Trish, Michelle, Pedro, Charlotte, Chad, Anton, Mary, Nicky, Lidia, Tony, baby Mia, Kathy, Michael, Brandon, Mark. Amen.

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