Fire brings life

Mathew 13:3 ‘Once there was a man who went out to sow corn.’

Towering up to nearly 300(91 metres) feet tall and 50(15 metres) feet in diameter, living over 3 500 years, the giant redwood are the world’s largest trees in total volume. Their cones can contain up to 200 seeds and may take just under 2 years to mature. Once matured, they will remain in the cone and await a forest fire. The heat from the fire causes the cones to open and release their seeds. Some other plant seed will germinate very quickly with a tiny bit of water, especially weeds. The great redwood survives these fires; some seed will need to germinate within you through the fire of circumstance. Are you looking at what seed is germinating in your life as you journey through seasons of rain, hail, sun, snow and fire? Will you try and douse the fire in your strength or embrace the germinating seeds of God? You can be a great planter. Bless you.

Prayer. Holy Father, please encourage the sick, the poor and the needy today. Please reconcile and restore Lambert and Ida, please help Kevin with business and restore and heal Fiona, Adie, Deborah, Darren, Lidia, Jacqui, Colleen, Joyce, Berni, Bella, John, Sunay, Caitlin, Rotraut, baby Mathew, Wally, Jimmy, Ralph, Mark, baby Daniella, Barbara, Vianna, Austen, Keith, Johan, Marius, Rose, Lesley, Jimmy, Joanne, Branda, Roger, Don, Petra, Racheal, Pauline, Billy, Bernadette, Jenny, Sarah, Stacey, Paul, Maria, Teena, Debra, Trish, Michelle, Pedro, Charlotte, Chad, Anton, Mary, Nicky, Lidia, Tony, baby Mia, Kathy, Michael, Brandon, Mark. Amen.

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