The words of Jesus

Mathew 21:22 ‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer’

Our whole Christian faith rests on Jesus mission to bring salvation, “but I am not seeing my prayers answered” you may reason. We may be deeply self-critical if we have prayed for someone who was sick and has passed away. “Was my faith weak?” Our LORD has great purpose and timings, if he promises that he will answer, then that is a promise of God. What we wrestle with is how God answers and when he answers. Is the journey of praying not as important for our individual growth as it is for the prayed outcome? God sees our hearts, he wants our perseverance and obedience in prayer. Are we praying according to the will of God or according to our own self-serving will? Let us entrust all outcomes of prayer to our LORD. Keep praying and fasting. Romans10:17 ‘So then faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ.’ Faith is strengthened through Holy Scripture’s message.

Prayer. Holy Father, may we celebrate the journey of prayer, may we celebrate being able to spend that time with you. Please heal and restore Sarah, Stacey, Kim, Paul, Maria, Margaret, Jill, Teena, Ingrid, Debra, Trish, Michelle, Pedro, Charlotte, Chad, Anton, Mary, Fr Stanley, Nicky, Lidia, Tony, baby Mia, Kathry, Michael, Brandon, Mark and Peter. Amen.

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