Are you one of Jesus’s disciples or is that only for Biblical history?

Hosea 6:11 ‘For you also O Judah, a harvest has been appointed’

“Not me LORD, I am just not cut out to go out as a harvester for you” may be your thinking, Jesus tells us in Mathew 9:37 “The harvest is abundant but the labourers are few, so ask the master of the harvest to send out labourers for his harvest.” Are you prepared to labour for God in persisting with discipleship and bringing others to learn and celebrate in our wonderful faith? Or is the perpetual cycle and busyness of this world eclipsing the calling God has placed over your life? Part of Jesus’s final instructions to the disciples Mathew 28:19 ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…’ Ask our LORD Jesus today, “Holy LORD, illuminate your calling for me and path….I am ready” Take that holy step of commitment to God ‘a harvest has been appointed’, he has great joy in store for you. Peace be with you.

Prayer. Holy LORD, please help prepare our hearts, please heal and restore Margaret, Jill, Karen, Teena, Ingrid, Debra, Trish, Michelle, Pedro, Charlotte, Chad, Anton, Mary, Fr Stanley, Nicky, Lidia, Tony, baby Mia, Kathry, Michael, Brandon, Mark and Peter. Amen.

If not already confirmed then please advise by end of this week should you wish to continue to receive these readings/ meditations.


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