God will confirm

Proverbs 3:5,6 ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not,…be mindful of him and he will make straight your paths.’

“But God has given me a brain” you may say. The real question here is one of pride, do I make decisions through my own reasoning alone or do I consult God in prayer about my purpose and plans? A response or choice considered correct in worldly terms may not be what God really wants. Perhaps in 2013 you made some choices that seemed so right and yet you cannot see God’s hand in it, there is frustration at every turn. It is not too late to turn, seek the counsel of the good Shepherd. Psalm 23:2 ‘Beside restful waters he leads me, he refreshes my soul.’ Our God is the God of restoration.

Prayer. Holy Father, please refresh the souls of all reading this mail, their families, church communities and those suffering with ill health. Please heal and restore Debra, Trish, Kevin, Michelle, Pedro, Gill, Charlotte, Chad, Mary, Fr Stanley, Lidia and baby Mia. Amen.

Note: A request for those who live in Johannesburg there is a bakery Not Bread Alone at 63 Malibongwe drive Randburg that faithfully supplies our feeding ministry for the homeless every week. Please consider supporting them as in turn you will be supporting St Vincent de Paul society of St Charles. The bakery offers breads, rolls, pies, pastries, confectionary and platters. Thank you.

Please feel free to forward these mails to others or to send me their email addresses, should you not wish to receive, then kindly advise via email.

Previous daily reading and meditations can be read by clicking on the following link : https://nwinspiration.wordpress.com/

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