1 Timothy 3:16 ‘All Scripture is God breathed…..’

What a beautiful Scripture… we can reflect on the word of God, many years ago an evangelical brother said to me “Head faith is dead faith…it must come from the heart.” If we measure our faith by knowledge of Scripture and teachings of the church without being reminded of this wonderful Scripture 1 Corinthians 13:2 ‘…but have not love, I am a resounding gong or a clanging symbol.’ Love is the gift we give to God, others and ourselves; it is what binds us as children of faith. We may ask, “How can I love someone who is detestable or dirty, an addict… someone perhaps who has deeply offended me, someone I do not know, someone who does things that must surely hurt God?” ……love them in prayer…..God will show the path.

Prayer. Holy God our one true LORD of all, show us the how, let us not be caught up in questions around circumstances, but rather look to growing our faith through the circumstances. Please heal Kevin, Trish, Gill, Chad, Charlotte, Lidia and Fr Stanley. Amen.

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