How does God confirm?

Luke 1:18 ‘Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this?”

We are all faced with choices, how do we know when faced with making a major decision for example with neither being immoral or unethical? There are many ways God speaks to us:

1. In conversation and prayer with God done in solitude of early morning – you may feel that God starts to convict your heart. 2. Searching in Holy Scripture. 3. A vision. 4. A dream. 5. By prophecy (someone who does not know you nor your circumstances)6. Circumstances start strongly pointing towards that choice. 7. Godly provision. 8. Total peace about that decision. 9. Godly counsel from within the church. Look for more than one confirmation… God’s confirmation and do not take major decisions in haste, God will not see you as procrastinating if you seek confirmation… the journey of decision making with daily prayer. Remember that a heart decision made alone could well be a misinformed decision.

Prayer. Holy Father, thank you for being our good Shepherd, may we trust your plan for our lives and not our own. Please heal and restore Fr Stanley, Chad, Kevin, Trish, Charlotte, Barry and Gill. Amen

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