Endless supply of seed

2 Corinthians 9:6, ‘..whoever sows generously will also reap generously.’ 10 ‘..will also supply and increase your store of seed…’

The learned men of economics define economics as ‘Unlimited wants and needs chasing scarce resources’ …..what a worldly definition? Accrue/chase/pursue for self.Our LORD promises that if you sow and give generously, that he will multiply your seed – the giving must be done out of love and not as part of a worldly equation applied to these Scriptures. May you feel the Holy Spirit touching your heart and showing you where there is true need…giving can be encouraging, being kind, anonymous financial giving, listening to and assisting the hurt/sick/orphans/widows/dispossessed or your time and commitment for others. Sowing/giving is not a once off spiritual purchase leading to misplaced thinking of perhaps “I now have my ticket to salvation;” it is a daily choice….do it from the heart. There is no scarcity with the walk of God, become deeply blessed by living in the promise of God.

Prayer. Holy LORD, may we your children be emboldened in our walk, to carry mighty seed that will make a difference in other’s lives, we give you great thanks for the amazing recovery and healing that is taking place with Kevin after his surgery. Please continue to heal and restore, Gill, Charlotte, Chad, Trish, Barry and Kevin. You are mighty Father. Amen.

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