The key

Proverbs 4:13 ‘Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well for it is your life’

There are so many self-help/improvement books in bookshops, magazines that purport to contain life changing articles and formulae for life….and still the number 1 best-seller in the world is Holy Scripture. The question today is the following: How much time do you let the Holy word of God the number 1 best-seller speak into your life, do we Catholics say “I do not read Scripture” or “I don’t understand Scripture.” The living word of God can and will speak to you when you spend time reflecting over Scripture, let the handbook of life speak into and enrich your life. Put busyness aside make your daily appointment with God …as you speak to him in prayer, let him speak back and guide you. God bless you today.

Prayer. We pray for the anointing over 11 year old Chad Martin for his pending brain surgery, the anointing over the surgeon, the specialists, the anaesthetist , the attending medical staff, that great wisdom and skill will be used every step of the way in the surgery that takes place tomorrow, we pray for restoration in Chad’s life that he will be able to participate in sports activities once he is fully restored and healed. Thank you LORD. Amen.

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