Who is your God?

Isaiah 43:10 ‘..Before me no God was formed, nor will there be one after me’

Our LORD tells us that he is jealous God, he is worthy of our praise and worship. The perception from the Old Testament writings may be that an idol is a constructed calf or tower, we may today then relegate idolatry to something that is bowed down to and worshipped in ancient times….we may say “we are not guilty of any form of idolatry.” Today we can ask do we have another God in our lives? – Our work, our position, our sport, our rugby or football side, the news, a car, a house…..How much time do we spend in time with the Father in prayer and how much time on other pursuits? Who or what is really important in your life? First in the morning is it checking sports news or solitude with Jesus? Make a daily appointment with our loving God ….first thing every morning….see how your life will change.

Prayer. Holy LORD, thank you that you love us so much to give us abundant choice, may we choose wisely and place you as our God. Amen.

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