Let the light shine in

Mathew 13:22 ‘But the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke it’

A most wonderful parable told by Jesus of the sower, ‘thorns’ can choke out our ability to grow spiritually as Jesus intends. Today we can ask are you giving permission for worry to choke out the joy in your life? Does the pride and arrogance that comes with misplaced belief in self, and not God have dominion in your life? Is the perceived security of accrued wealth your God? The deceit of Satan carries thorns that can pierce your harvest of joy. Let the sun rays of hope shine on your crop, let the Holy Spirit give water of encouragement for growth, let the Word of God –Holy Scripture provide nourishment and embrace a wonderful radiant harvest in this world and beyond.

Prayer. Holy LORD, please encourage your children to have your divine wisdom in planting and nurturing of seed that you give us to plant. Amen.

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