Limitless provision

2 Corinthians 9:10 ‘Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also increase your store of seed..’

We can show our LORD that we are sowers of good seed, if we look from a scarcity perspective “there is only so much to go around” or “I can’t really make a difference” then we are not resting on God’s promise as seen in this Scripture. We must show our Father that we are sowers. Sowing of good seed can be in kindness, love, service, encouragement, financial, listening, ministering to the sick, counsel, helping the aged, other……..being a giver first and God will then increase the store of seed in your life. What a truly wonderful God we have, let us take this step in trust and sow good quality seed into this world….as the seed is replenished by our LORD and you will reap an abundant harvest according to what you have planted, in this world and beyond.

Prayer. Holy LORD, we pray earnestly for peace in Syria may we join on the 7th September in a day of fasting and prayer as requested by the Pope for peace in Syria. May your mighty hand bring the people to the table to heal and work out a sustainable peace. Please bless brothers and sisters reading this mail. Amen.

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