Titus 3:1 ‘Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good’

What a challenging Scripture? We are all faced with reports of endemic corruption. Does this mean that we must accept allegations of injustice by leaders in our country? Clearly not, what then is the deeper truth in this Scripture? GOD knows that there must be order, the antithesis of order is chaos. We must look to GOD to chart a course for believers through the country’s waters of concern. Our LORD is our guide, we must all spend time with GOD and also reflect on our own righteousness and transgressions. When we are cleared of sin through the Sacrament of Confession, how much more will we be able to pray righteously for Godly, orderly change and growth in our country.

Prayer. Holy LORD please enlighten us your children on what being ready to do good really means, we pray that good shall triumph in this country over evil. We pray for those who are hungry today, may your provision flow. Please bless all brothers and sisters reading this mail, we pray for your anointing over Renew Africa. Amen.

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