The answers to life’s questions

1 Corinthians 15:1 ‘Now brothers I want to remind you of the gospel I have preached to you’- St Paul

Someone’s collection of books at home may reflect a quest in life, interests, field of study, novels. What about self-help motivation books, books on different diets, the esoteric? One may read these and feel that you have been enriched, that there is something of benefit, we must not be deceived astrology is detestable to GOD as is consulting spirit mediums. We can be assured that there is a book that contains the real truth the word of GOD – Holy Scripture. The living word of GOD speaks to you and I. Spending time in quiet prayer. How can one start? The Gospel of John is a good start, reading a psalm each day. It is important not to rush this reading as we want to inscribe GOD’s word on our hearts. Can we really say today that we have fully explored GOD’s holy word? The time is now.

Prayer. Holy LORD, our one true Father, please guide and remind us of your Gospel. Please sow into the hearts of all attending Renew, that there is fertile soil for your Gospel. Amen.

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