Owner or steward?

John 5:39, 40 ‘These are the Scriptures that testify about me and yet you refuse to come to me to have life.’

St Paul gave everything up to serve GOD, probably very challenging to us all, our worldly reasoning says “I and I alone am in control of my own destiny, I am not a custodian of what I have, it’s mine.” ………Tragically, GOD may reluctantly give us over to that statement and request. JESUS gives us an amazing promise – read Holy Scripture, do what Holy Scripture speaks to us about and have life. Why persist in trying according to this world alone? Spend time seeking JESUS, ask for GOD’s wisdom, seek GOD’s discernment and understanding, he will answer and guide you and I; we can joyfully and not reluctantly embrace a wonderful life of loving service in this world and beyond in GOD’s way and not our own. Seek life.

Prayer. Our dear wonderful Father, GOD of all creation, may the HOLY SPIRIT place a desire within all church community members to read Holy Scripture, to write it on the tablets of our hearts, to let JESUS live within us. Father please bless all brothers and sisters reading this mail, let them have a breakthrough in challenges that they are facing, by your Spirit all things can be done. Amen.

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