Reject fear today

Romans 8 : 15 ‘For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear’

There is a huge list that one can write down on what we may fear, Paul writes that we have been given a gift of the Holy Spirit that lives in us. What do we fear today? Does this fear rule us, shown by how much time we may spend worrying. JESUS guides us in the gospels Mathew 6 : 27 ‘Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life.’ Fear is a weapon of the enemy, Satan wants a spirit of fear to reside over you and I; he may use past or existing experience in order to try and entrench fear over our lives. Paul writes that ‘fear’ can enslave us. Today we can reject fear by turning to our LORD, the Good shepherd who through his spirit has given you and I great authority….yes authority, you might say “look at my health, look at my circumstances….I cannot see my way forward” – Yes, we can by embracing the great power of faith, as JESUS says in Luke 7 : 50 “Your faith has saved you”…..we do not always understand sickness/loss or other, but we can be re-assured that JESUS is with us on this journey, JESUS attributes faith as having power, faith carries great authority in the spiritual realm, let us use the authority that JESUS has given us. Faith in prayer and by being led by our LORD. With persistent faith, great things start to happen.

Prayer. Holy Father, please strengthen us all, so that we do not reside in the disbelief of feeling that we have given faith an opportunity for a week, month or year and now feel the only route is to accept fear, no, we reject fear and embrace your will and pray that we are all strengthened in persevering on the journey before us. Amen

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