Written on our hearts within

Mark 4 : 15 ‘Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them’

All of us believers have a deeply rooted desire to get to know our LORD better. JESUS explains the parable of the sower and the seed- This begs the question should we know Holy Scripture? How come do we hear GOD’s holy words and yet we do not remember them or have vague recall at best. Who can remember chapters by line and verse? A very select few perhaps, does this mean that Holy Scripture is reserved for the those gifted with incredible memories? GOD does not want us to memorise, but rather to let his word live within us. We are blessed in that Holy Scripture is the living word of GOD – John 1 : 1 ‘In the beginning the word was with GOD and the word was GOD.’ We can spend time letting GOD speak to us and into us, by reading his holy word, slowly, by waiting patiently on GOD and asking him to speak to us and reveal the message of his words. Read Scripture again slowly a few verses at a time GOD speaks and his word is truth. We will not be called to recite line and verse, however, if we ‘write them on the tablet of your heart’ -Proverbs 7 : 3 – from time spent with GOD, thenwhen we are involved in issues of the heart in our earthly walk, our recall will grow….and we will be guided. Why let Satan the thief of your and my time take us away from quality time spent with our LORD? We have a wonderful good shepherd in our LORD GOD.

Prayer. Holy LORD and GOD our one true Father, we pray for a quietening in our lives, a space in which we can meditate on your Holy Scripture, where the distractions of Satan shall be kept at bay. Thank you that you do not give up on us, that you are ready to teach and guide us. Amen.

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3 Responses to Written on our hearts within

  1. Ebony says:

    Could you write about Phcsiys so I can pass Science class?

  2. Ai pus “botul” la indemnul de boicot a lui Base, el insa s-a dus la vot, si nu ca sa se demita.Acum el are dreptul la opinie, tu nu pentru ca l-ai irosit stand acasa.Daca nu mergeai din lehamite, nu iti exprimai nici aici opinia (totusi nu ti-o ingradim dupa cum constati), pentru ca nu te interesa.Oare ce urmaresti?

  3. Come diceva una frase ricorrente nel film “Contact” (tratto dal libro di Carl Sagan):”L’universo è un posto molto vasto, è più grande di ogni cosa che chiunque abbia mai immaginato prima, se ci fossimo solo noi, sarebbe uno spreco di spazio”.;-)

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