The architect of our faith

Romans 8 : 28 ‘ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him’

Perhaps there are some areas of your own life in which you feel you cannot see your way forward, maybe along the lines of declining health, family relationships, career, finances or other. We must be re-assured that our GOD is working his wonders for you and I right now, we may feel that we have not been very good at loving GOD and now are in a perpetual state of punishment and rejection. Our GOD is so amazing that we can return to him right now, you are showing God that you are looking for answers right now. We can celebrate today as our GOD has the answers. How can we show our love for GOD? By returning to him, as a first step by giving GOD time in relationship, “But I go to church” we may say. Holy Mass is wonderful, God also wants relationship outside of church. We can commit today to return to GOD – early morning, speaking to our LORD, in solitude wait for GOD to speak to you in the stillness of your heart, seek out our Father in Holy Scripture. If we love someone we want to be with them. Return to God today…..he is waiting and ‘works for the good of those who love him’

Prayer. Our Holy and special Father of us all, thank you that you work for good in our lives. May we start to spend more time with you, listening and really seeking you. Amen.

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