The spiritual realm

John 8:13 ‘The Pharisees challenged him’

When we read Holy Scripture there is reference to ‘The kingdom of the air’ –Satan’s dominion. It is as real as our physical realm and just as angels are termed ‘ministering spirits’ for good, there are fallen angels of the spiritual realm; these can also minister into our thinking and decisions as do God’s angels. The same evil spirits that were around the time of Jesus are still working their evil today…not comforting to ponder on, however, the reality is that we can be afflicted by those same spirits today as happened two thousand years ago as their time has not yet come. The religious people of the day the Pharisees and Sadducees were afflicted by an external appearance of faith, but their hearts were not for God, they were castigated by Jesus. Just as the Pharisees challenged Jesus, are we also challenging Jesus through our conduct? Are we also allowing the same Pharisee type of thinking and external appearance to affect us? Or does our conduct show we are a disciple of Jesus? Today we can ask where does our heart truly reside?

Prayer. Holy Father, please protect all brothers and sisters who read this mail, may your love, grace, mercy rest over us, and the wonderful Holy Spirit guide us all, may the Holy Eucharist transform us into willing vessels in service to you. Amen.

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  1. Bobby says:

    This is way better than a brick & mortar esebilashmtnt.

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