Whom do we mentor?

Mathew 21: 37 ‘Each day Jesus was teaching at the temple’

We have all been given wonderful gifts and talents by our Father in heaven. We can list these talents and reflect – are they dormant, or are we so busy using them that there is not time for much else, or are we using them to teach and guide others? When we meet people we can say it is just co-incidence, or we can ask did God bring this person across my path and if so how can I use my gifts from God to mentor and guide that individual? We can be part of assisting in others success Proverbs 15 v 22 ‘Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.’ St Vincent de Paul society is currently exploring community sustainable projects – ‘teach a man to fish’. We can all pray about how you and I should use our gifts and talents for God, contact Paul Spolander, his number is on the weekly Parish bulletin, bring your wisdom and input in service to God. The more we reflect Jesus, the more we really start to live.

Prayer. Holy Father, today we thank you for the amazing blessings that you have placed over our lives, please show us how, when and with whom you wish us to use them in service to you. Amen

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